Our friends at Guide Star Engineering, LLC, GSE, finished the first version of a miniature digital hydrophone kit over the weekend.  We call the kit the MDH, and it’s intended for students to use as part of Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programs in schools. The kit is designed for students to safely explore the unique sounds in the ocean, pool or any body of water. Through exploration students create games and challenges to compete and identify any of the sounds the way whales and dolphins do.

The MDH is able to record sounds digitally and the files can be shared over the Internet.  There are only three major components:

  • Raspberry Pi board with analog to digital converter,
  • Power supply, and
  • Hydrophone and cable

MSK is delivering MDH kits to two great partners.  We will deliver kits to schools in Hawaii County, HI, and to Cura Oceanus for delivery to schools in Brevard County, FL.  This is an exciting step for students to continue to explore and understand our natural environment.


What can we learn by listening beneath the waves?

The miniature digital hydrophone (MDH) kit is a complete science kit for exploring underwater sounds. It uses low cost commercial components and the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer.

Use the MDH to recognize manmade sounds, natural sounds, the differences between day and night sounds, how animals might use sounds, and discover some scientific methods to identify sounds. The MDH can record sounds in the field (pool or other body of water) and use open source software (like Audacity®) to listen to and visualize the sounds.